Who is the real killer in You?

The TV series “You” has garnered a massive following since it first premiered, leaving viewers captivated by its thrilling storylines and complex characters. One question that has been on everyone’s mind is: who is the real killer in You?

Joe Goldberg: The Charming Stalker

Played by Penn Badgley, Joe Goldberg portrays a seemingly charming and intelligent bookstore manager. However, beneath this facade lies a dangerous obsession. Joe becomes infatuated with Beck, a customer at the bookstore, and proceeds to stalk her relentlessly. He goes to extreme lengths to control and possess her, even resorting to murder.

Motives and Justification

Joe’s warped sense of love and possessiveness drives him to commit heinous acts. In his mind, he believes that he is acting out of love and protecting his loved ones. He justifies his actions by believing that he is removing toxic individuals from his life and saving the ones he loves from harm.

Love: The Driving Force

Love, portrayed by Victoria Pedretti, enters the series in its second season as Joe’s new love interest. At first, she seems to share a similar obsession with Joe, but as the season progresses, her dark past is revealed. Love reveals a side that is just as twisted and willing to kill as Joe.

Motives and Justification

Love’s desire for a perfect life and her deep-rooted insecurities drive her to commit acts of violence. Similar to Joe, Love justifies her actions by believing that she is protecting those she cares about, even if it means taking drastic measures.

Unveiling the Real Killer

Who is the real killer in You?

While both Joe and Love display psychopathic tendencies and have committed murders, the question remains: who is the real killer in You? It can be argued that neither of them can be solely labeled as the true killer.

The series effectively highlights the blurred lines between good and evil, showcasing the complexity of human nature. It emphasizes that the real killer may lie within each of us, hidden beneath the surface.

The Power of Perspective

The show’s creators purposefully present the story from Joe’s perspective, allowing viewers to empathize and even root for him at times. Love’s introduction in the second season adds another layer of complexity, challenging viewers’ preconceived notions of who the real killer may be.

Ultimately, the true killer in “You” can be seen as a combination of external circumstances, personal motivations, and underlying human nature. This thought-provoking portrayal serves as a reminder that darkness can reside within anyone, making the answer to who the real killer is not as clear-cut as it may seem.

In conclusion, the TV series “You” presents viewers with a complex web of characters and a grey area when it comes to identifying the real killer. Both Joe Goldberg and Love exhibit psychopathic tendencies and motives for their actions. The show’s thought-provoking perspective challenges viewers to question their own perceptions of good and evil and serves as a reminder that the line between the two can be hazy at times.

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